Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2nd Anniversary..!

Dear Members,

We are happy to announce that our "Dewdrops" have successfully completed its Second year in the Service of Poor Students, On this Occasion we thank all of our Members & Committee Members for there great support & coordination.


Dewdrops Team

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thanks from Ms. Sumitra..!

Dear Dewdrops Members,

We have approved Ms. Sumitra's Request for the payment of her Son & Daughter's School Fees and paid by Mr. Aloysius at Chennai.

For that Ms. Sumitra sent us a thanks letter.


Beneficiaries from Chennai..!

Dear Dewdrop members,

Our Member Mr. Aloysius has done a great thing..!
As of now he is in Chennai. There he met most of our Applicants and cleared all there requests.

Here is the photo of the Beneficiaries..!

On Behalf of of Dewdrops, we would like to thank Mr. Aloysius & hope he will continue his good service.